How do I use ProfitSaver?

After installing from the Chrome Webstore, simply open a TradingView chart and you will see the inputs for your trading parameters. Enter your desired settings and hit ‘Save”.

Why should I use ProfitSaver?

ProfitSaver was designed to help traders avoid overtrading & stick to their daily trading goals while giving you the discipline to walk away.

What trading platforms does ProfitSaver work on?

ProfitSaver was designed specifically to work with TradingView and any brokers that use their platform.

What is the Max Profit Loss Activate?

This is the level of profits where ProfitSaver kicks in to ensure you don’t give it all back from overtrading.

Can I change my trading parameters once I have submitted them?

No. The key to trading well is defining your trading plan & sticking to it. ProfitSaver locks your selected settings in & resets at midnight.

Can I still do my charting after ProfitSaver kicks in?

Yes! Even though ProfitSaver blocks you from trading after your parameters are reached you can still do your charting as usual.

How long is the free trial?

The free trial is for 14 days after which the monthly subscription via Gumroad is only $10/mo. [Cheaper than the commissions on 2 trades!]

Does ProfitSaver work on the international versions of TradingView?

Yes you can access ProfitSaver on any platform that has “tradingview.com” in the url.