Why Trade Futures?

Why Trade Futures?

There are so many different instruments that a person can trade when it comes to the markets. There are traditional stocks, penny stocks, options, bonds, forex, crypto and futures to name a few. After trading all of them futures became the most appealing as it gave us the best of the popular instruments all wrapped in one.

Trading the Indexes: With futures we can still trade the volume and volatility of the S&P 500 and other indexes. We’ve found that from a pure charting standpoint trading ES can easily yield all the gains we need on any given day.

24/5 Trading Period: By trading futures we can trade 24hrs a day for 5 days exactly like forex. The normal stock market is restricted to the main trading hours and a select number of stocks allowing after hours and pre-market trading. Futures allows you to trade the indexes but without the time constraints of the normal market.

Low Cost: While traditional futures brokers charge in excess of $6000 to trade a single contract of ES there are numerous brokers which offer much more affordable margins. We recommend AmpFutures who offer contracts for ES as low as $300/contract and MES for $40/contract.

Cash Settles Instantly: In contrast to options and a few other other financial instruments, the funds from a futures trade settles instantly allowing the trader to use those newly acquired funds to trade on the very next trade if desired. This bypasses the Good Faith rule that plagues many options traders.

Increased Earning Power: 1 contract of ES yields $50/point and with a contract only costing $300 that 1pt is a 16% return! Compared with EUR/USD in forex where it costs roughly $2300 for 1 lot @$10/pip the costs don’t even compare to each other. With $2300 one could buy 7 contracts of ES and earn $350/point if they were so inclined.

While we encourage traders to trader whichever financial instrument they are fond of we have determined the futures is the a VERY attractive asset for day traders due to the benefits we listed above.

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