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Day trading is a remarkable skill set that can literally change a person’s life right from their computer screen. You can be anywhere in the world and as long as you have internet you can make some money. Despite this amazing opportunity there are so many traders who struggle with being profitable.

Have you ever had a great win streak going only to have a bad day and really hurt your account? How about making some serious profits at the start of the day only to have a few bad trades wipe out your earlier wins? This can be due to many various issues but usually it’s due to OVERTRADING.

ProfitSaver was created specifically for Tradingviewusers to prevent just that! It is designed to protect you from losing more than you can tolerate losing, giving back all those profits you made at the open, and being greedy when you know you should walk away after hitting your daily profit goals.

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ProfitSaver was truly designed to help traders because we actually designed it for ourselves. The idea for it was born out of frustration as we found that there were no real safeguards designed to protect traders from incurring major account losses. We realized that the brokerages would NEVER do for us this as they want us to keep trading to feed their commissions revenue.

Knowing this we set out to create a solution that provides a safety net for traders that gives them room to work and profit but steps in when things are getting out of hand. ProfitSaver gets the job done and we know this because we use it ourselves.

Daily Loss Limit

Sets a limit on the most that you can lose for that specific trading session. We recommend a maximum of 10% daily loss to preserve your account.

Daily Profit Limit

Sets a limit on the profits that you can make for that specific trading session. This is used to help traders walk away after reaching their daily goal.

Max Allowable Profit Loss

This feature protects you from giving back all of your profits from earlier in the day. We recommend a max of 50% to ensure you walk away green for the day.

Automatic Stop Loss

Using a stop loss is essential to protecting your account and saving your profits. We made it an automatic feature that requires it for each trade.

Allowable Trading Period

This feature allows you to define a custom trading window to prevent overtrading and also to discourage trading during low volume periods.

Easy-to-Use Interface

Designed with a simple interface, ProfitSaver allows you to enter your settings quickly or use the recommended settings at the click of a button.


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Trading Can Change Your Life

Learning to trade can change your life. It allows you to make money on your own terms without the limitations or restrictions of traditional employment. As long as you have a laptop and decent internet speed you can trade and be successful. Our goal is to help traders develop their skills to achieve the life they want for themselves via the markets.